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Don’t forget: the skin around your eyes is three to five times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face and works particularly hard, given that you blink more than 10,000 times a day. The skin here also contains less collagen and fewer fibers; as a result, the skin’s microcirculation is slower and this will inevitably have an effect on the eye area. The eye area’s constant movement creates a range of different issues: wrinkles, dark circles and swelling or puffiness, known as “bags”.
There’s nothing flattering about the term: to get rid of the bags under your eyes, you need a product to tackle them! To find the best product for your eye area, you need to know why these issues are happening.
The first possible explanation is that this swelling is caused by water retention. This happens when your lymphatic drainage system doesn’t work effectively, causing poorer circulation and resulting in the formation of a small edema.
This phenomenon is known as “puffy eyes” and is usually visible in the morning: at night, your lymphatic system works more slowly. This may subside after a few hours, even if the quantity and quality of your sleep is the most likely cause. Water retention can be caused by eating too much salt, but stress, screens, smoking and alcohol can also be responsible because they slow down your microcirculation (both blood flow and lymphatic circulation).
Between work and play, our eyes don’t often get a chance to rest! Eye Illuminator is the ideal product to tackle these unwanted effects. It works to detoxify and revive your eye area with its new innovative formula that neutralizes pollutants and strengthens the skin barrier throughout the day. New generation Vitamin C also reduces bags and the appearance of the signs of aging from the very first use.
The second possible explanation: if you’ve noticed a localized fat deposit developing over the years that doesn’t subside over the course of the day, this is simply caused by weakened skin fibers and/or muscle loss. Over time, this fat moves downwards towards the lower eyelid and aging is the cause: no surprises there!
To fight signs of aging, try our Liftox Serum: there’s no need to opt for injections to put an end to these undesirable effects. It’s the first eye care product to include caviar extract, collagen and peptides that imitate snake venom.
It instantly lifts the eye area and keeps it hydrated. The roller ball applicator helps the product penetrate more quickly and creates a refreshing sensation.
Looking at all the possible causes, it’s clear that there are several everyday steps you can take to tackle them. Let’s take sleep, for example: it’s generally recommended to sleep for 7 to 8 hours a night. You can choose to raise your head while you sleep to boost your lymphatic drainage, while also trying to avoid stress, a cause of insomnia and poor sleep.
In the morning, it’s a good idea to wake your skin up with chilled products to boost your blood flow and decongest the area.
Cold therapy products are ideal for this and we’ve got just what you need! The Ice Stick Eye Contour’s multi-fruit technology helps firm the eye area as it cools and decongests for an anti-aging effect.
Ideal for use on the go, this product is useful in the morning when bags appear and can also be used on dark circles: it contains a light reflector to minimize their appearance.

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